Mega Capital was founded in 2001 with the aim of becoming Australia’s leading insurance broker in Professional Risks insurance.

We have a strong belief in providing risk and insurance advice that is based on technical expertise and an in-depth knowledge of global insurance markets and how that relates to the Australian professional services business landscape.

With significant experience across our brokers in a broad spectrum of professional risks businesses, from large listed organisations, IPO’s, M&A transactions, through the professions, including accountants, lawyers, architects and engineers, healthcare, Financial Services and Credit Services industries, our firm supports:

  • Over 3000 Accountants, Tax Agents and Bookkeepers.
  • Over 200 AFSLs including financial planners, fund managers, corporate advisors, stockbrokers, superannuation funds and others.
  • Over 1000 Australian Credit Licensees and Credit Representatives.

Mega Capital made the BRW Fast 100 for two consecutive years (2005 and 2006) including being named the 2nd fastest growing company in 2005. We have built on this success, solidifying our reputation as a leading brokerage in the professional liability field.

As a team, we have developed a high performing, client-centric culture where people and the professional relationships they develop are highly valued, our staff are proud to represent our brand and our clients advocate on our behalf.