Information Technology Liability

Information Technology (IT) Liability insurance has been specifically designed for the complex and diverse Information Technology market. It offers a seamless, packaged liability cover for IT products & services, which includes:

  • Professional Indemnity insurance; and
  • Public and Products Liability insurance.

Legal uncertainty may exist about the nature of the activities provided by IT professionals. For example, it is not always clear as to what is a product (IT goods) and what is a service (IT services).

A PI insurance policy may deem the service being provided to be a ‘product’ (e.g. software design), and hence cover would be excluded under the policy. Whereas, a Public & Products Liability insurance policy may deem the product to be a ‘service’, and hence exclude cover under that policy.

Information Technology Liability insurance overcomes this potential gap in cover for IT professionals

Information Technology Liability insurance may cover:

  • financial losses arising from the supply or installation of products or services when products fail to perform their intended function;
  • financial losses arising from a loss of documents or data;
  • financial losses arising from an unintentional infringement of a third party’s intellectual property rights;
  • financial losses arising from unintentional defamation, including libel and slander;
  • legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury or damage to property caused by an occurrence connected with insured’s business.

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